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Adjustable ac dc power supply LED constant voltage driver
2022-02-16 16:46:51
C series C version is IP20 indoor 4 ways adjustment soothing switch LED power supply with high efficiency, high quality and high competitiveness. 
The power range of this series is 30-500w, the output voltage support 12v and 24v.
Based on old product, we also make some new improvement.

Firstly, it’s the connector, we use press type connector and add more AC. For press type connector will no need any screwdriver, just press and finish wire connection. More AC terminals will be better for parallel connection, this will save your time& easy using in real project worksite. 
Secondly, it’s the voltage adjustment, it has 3 degree to achieve different brightness, the first degree is 40%, the second degree is 60%, the third degree is 80%.
Thirdly, we add a soothing start button, soothing start power supply for better eye protection, with quick voltage adjustment to choose the favorite brightness. 
Fourth, this series is no fan design, the biggest advantage is will not overheat damage due to the dust amassing which caused by using fan cooling. Also no fan design will not have noise, is will better for you to use in School, Hotel, Meeting Rooms. 
Now all of our product already approved CE, CB, SAA, TUV, BIS and ROHS testing.