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LED IP waterproofing classification
2018-11-20 18:19:06
LED IP waterproofing classification
IPxx level
The waterproof grade IP of international industrial standard is close to that of JIS of Japanese industrial standard, which is divided into 9 grades of 0-8. The IP grade also stipulates dust prevention.
Dustproof and waterproof
The protection level adopts the IP * grade standard recommended by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The level is different in different installation places. Specific selection can be made according to the following instructions. In the grading standard, "*x" is a two-digit number. The first one represents the level of protection against solids, and the second one represents the level of protection against liquids. There are seven grades of solid protection, expressed by 0-6, and nine grades of liquid protection, expressed by 0-8.
Dustproof grade
0: no protection
1: prevent large solid invasion.
2: prevent medium sized solid intrusion.
3: prevent small solids from invading.
4: prevent solids from entering more than 1mm.
5: prevent harmful dust accumulation.
6: completely prevent dust from entering.
Waterproof grade
0: no protection
1: droplet dripping into the shell has no effect.
2: when the shell tilts to 15 degrees, droplet dripping into the shell has no effect.
3: water or rain has no effect from 60 corners to the shell.
4: the liquid splashed into any case in any direction without damage.
5: rinse with water without any harm.
6: it can be used in the cabin environment.
7: it can be soaked in a short time (1m).
8: immerse in water for a long time under certain pressure.
Waterproof grade
In the new technology, the waterproof grade of the LED light strip is IPxx.

Waterproof effect of LED lamp belt:
Bare board: waterproof grade IP20, indoor.
Drip gel: waterproof grade IP65, semi waterproof, bare board drip silicone, slightly complicated process.
Casing: waterproof grade IP67, waterproof, outdoor, bare plate, flexible silicone waterproof pipe.
Filling glue: the waterproof grade is IP68, the exposed light, the water has no problem.