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Switching Power Supply for Led light
2018-12-20 22:12:34
Select Switching Power Supply for Led light

Shenzhen Yanshuoda Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of LED lamps and lanterns. The company's products mainly include LED high-power commercial spotlights, LED fluorescent tubes, LED lamps, etc. According to practical experience, some customers do not know how to purchase power supply. First, some methods of selecting power supply are given as follows:
LED lamp power supply: Because no power supply is distributed when purchasing the LED lamp band, after calculating the length of the required LED lamp band, the power of the required power supply should be calculated, and then the general distribution power supply. The power of different LED lamp bands is different, so the power of general distribution should be carefully selected. The following enumerates the power of the LED lamp band:
0603 LED Lamp Strip: 12V, 60 LEDs per meter, 1.5W per meter power
1210 LED Lamp Strip: 12V, 60 LEDs per meter, 4.8W per meter power
3528 LED lamp bar: 12V, 60 LED per meter, 4.8W per meter power
5050 LED Lamp Strip: 12V, 30 LEDs per meter, 7.2 W per meter power
5050 LED Lamp Strip: 12V, 60 LEDs per meter, 14.4W per meter power
For example, if a 5050 LED lamp belt is purchased, and the general power supply is 12V, 4A specifications, then a power supply can only take 6m 5050 LED lamp belt. Because the power of 5050LED lamp band per meter is 7.22 meters, 6 meters totals 43.22 meters, and the rated power of power supply is 48W, it is generally not proposed to use the full load of power supply, because that has a great impact on the life of power supply, it is proposed that only 95% of the power supply should be applied. If 100 meters is needed, the corresponding 4A power supply should be equipped with at least 16. At present, the power of LED switching power supply has reached 480W, so if the power of the lamp band is relatively large, in order to save costs, high-power switching power supply can be directly applied, for example, the power of 100-meter LED lamp band is 720W, two 480W switching power supply can be selected.
In addition, there are also bands of 5V or 24V, customers need to choose the appropriate power supply according to the input voltage of the band, not directly connected to the 220V power supply, otherwise it will burn out directly. If there is a LED controller to control the band, the same principle is true, but the band and power center add a controller.