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Scope and Explanation of LED Module
2018-12-20 22:57:49
Application Scope and Explanation of LED Module

I. Scope of application
The patch 3528 and 5050 modules, with an illumination angle of 180 degrees, are more suitable for all-body light-emitting characters and fonts with thicker fonts and thicker fonts than 8 cm. The illumination is relatively uniform and the dose is relatively low. It is also suitable for lighting and renovation of family lighting, aquarium and other industries.
Acrylic light-emitting characters, plastic-absorbing characters, red characters of red LEDs, white LEDs of other colors, resin words must use the advantages of the corresponding 3-D printing technology of bulb color.

2. Packaging instructions:
All the LED modules are packed in standard packages to prevent the anti-static bags and outer boxes from being used as packaging materials (different specifications of the modules are packaged differently, please call for further information), and take some protective measures to ensure that the LED modules are in the middle of the transport process and safe.
Installation instructions and precautions:
1. LED module polarity: the positive and negative poles of the module correspond to the positive and negative poles of the power supply, that is, the positive poles of the module are connected to the positive poles of the power supply, and the negative poles are connected to the negative poles of the power supply.
2. Working voltage: Pay attention to the voltage consistency and power supply voltage of the LED module, and do not exceed the rated voltage of the design.
3. Number of Series Circuits: Each Series Circuit should not exceed the maximum number of connected LED modules, otherwise it will cause uneven brightness.
4. Working environment: When waterproof module is not used outdoors, waterproof measures must be taken.
5. Installation: LED module is generally used for luminous characters, so please make sure that the LED module attached to luminous characters is firm and reliable, and if necessary, it is fixed by screw.
1. The thickness of the power line is based on the actual maximum current, product power, infinite length (recommended not exceeding 12 meters) and low voltage transmission line loss.
2. The sockets at both ends of the module should be waterproof.
3. It is strictly forbidden to contact static electricity and live work.
4. The module can transmit up to 20, and serial connection is strictly prohibited.
5. It is recommended to use qualified switching power supply (with short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, overload protection);
6. Please connect the positive and negative poles marked on the housing, the grey wire to the positive poles of the power supply, and the white wire to the negative poles of the power supply.