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LED lamp is not on. How to repair it?
2018-12-20 22:58:59
1. There are two reasons for the failure of the LED lamp: one is that the leakage current of the LED is too large to cause the failure of PN junction, which will not affect the work of other LED lamps; the other is that the internal connection lead of the LED lamp is disconnected, resulting in no current passing through the LED and causing the dead lamp.
2. Maintenance of LED lamp can be carefully pried with a zigzag screwdriver along the metal screw of the lamp head of LED bulb lamp and the main plastic joint of the bulb lamp, so as to maintain integrity, so as to restore after repair. After turning on, check all the electronic components of the conversion part first, if there is no problem, then check the output voltage by electrifying. If it is a 2W LED bulb lamp, the output DC voltage measured by the multimeter is 105.5V, indicating that the fault is in the LED light-emitting component part.
3. If the LED bulb light-emitting module is disconnected from the LED power supply part, then the plastic bulb is separated from the plastic body connected to it. Because this part is glued firmly, it may not be able to separate it completely, which will damage the plastic ball bubbles, but even if it does not need to be broken, it does not matter. It doesn't affect the luminescence after repair, it's just not good-looking.LED driver。