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What if the LED lamp is broken?
2018-12-21 23:01:01
Excellent quality and moderate price of the lamp are loved by people. Many friends will install LED lamp in their homes. In daily life, LED lamp often has some faults. So, what if the LED lamp is broken? Next, Xiaobian will introduce the content of this aspect for you, hoping to help you.
First, let's understand the composition of the LED lamp. The LED lamp has different powers and sizes, and each has its own power driver. For example, the 3W LED lamp needs a stable output 3W driving power supply.
Secondly, the internal structure of the LED lamp need not be ignored. Interested people can take it apart and have a look. It's very simple. The 3W LED lamp is three 1W lights connected in parallel. Generally, there is a fixed interface between driver and led lamp.
Third, the LED lamp does not turn on, because other reasons do not say (don't say no electricity), in the case of electricity, 220V household appliances, if not, it is either the driver is broken or the LED lamp itself is broken. So you have to get good drivers and LED lights to try.
Fourth, the LED lights are all on the ceiling. We need small steps or stools to get close to it, but how can we get it off? Xiaobian is like this: insert a small suction cup on the screwdriver, suck the bottom of the LED lamp with the suction cup, and suck it easily.
Fifth, be careful when taking down the LED lamp. There are two spring buckles on the back of the LED lamp. Don't hurt yourself.
Sixth, unload the LED lamp, (replace the good led lamp, if it is on, that is, the replaced LED lamp is broken, if it is still not on,) then unload the drive, use tape to seal the good drive and power cord firmly, and then connect the LED lamp with the drive, if it is on, then the drive is broken.
Above is what Xiaobian introduced to you about how to deal with the broken led lamp. After listening to Xiaobian's introduction, do you know something about it? I have to say that the process of repairing the LED lamp bar is not complicated. Interested friends can learn it. If there is a problem with the LED lamp at home, you can repair it by yourself. That feeling will be very good.