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200wLED waterproof power supply nine characteristics
2019-08-12 16:55:46
The 200wLED waterproof power supply is widely used, and it plays a very important role in our lives, and it has excellent characteristics andFeatures, 300wLED waterproof power supply is high. It is especially important to install the power supply in the light bar module. Because of the luminous power of the LED
As the temperature of the LED rises, it drops, so the heat dissipation of the LED is very important. In addition to the usual protective functions of the power supply, Zui is good at constant
Add LED temperature negative feedback to the stream output to prevent the LED temperature from being too high. Let's listen to the research on the power supply of the research.
[Characteristics of 200wLED waterproof power supply]
Switching IP20 LED power supply 12V 100W
1. High reliability
Especially like the driving power supply of LED street lamps, it is installed at high altitude, it is inconvenient to repair, and the repair cost is also large.
2. High power
LEDs are energy-saving products, and the power of LED waterproof power supplies is high. The construction of the power supply in the luminaire is particularly important. Because of the LED
The luminous power drops as the temperature of the LED rises, so the heat dissipation of the LED is very important. The power of the power supply is high, and its power consumption is small.
The heat generated in the luminaire is small, which reduces the temperature rise of the luminaire. It is good for delaying the light decay of the LED.
3. High power factor
The power factor is the need of the grid for the load. Generally, there is no mandatory policy for appliances under 70 watts. Although the power is not large, single use
The lower power factor of the electrical appliance has little effect on the power grid, but at night we light the lights, the similar loads will meet too much, and the grid will be more serious.
Pollution. About 30 watts to 40 watts of LED waterproof power supply, it is said that in the near future, there may be certain power factor.
The policy needs.
4. Driving method
There are two types of traffic: one is a constant voltage source for multiple LED waterproof power supplies, and each constant current source supplies power to each LED individually. This
The method, the combination is sensitive, all the way LED defects, does not affect the work of other LEDs, but the cost will be slightly higher. The other is direct constant
Stream power supply, LEDs work in series or in parallel. Its interest is that the cost is lower, but the sensitivity is poor, but also to deal with the disadvantages of an LED, not
Affect other
LED work questions. These two ways coexist for a while. Multi-channel constant current output power supply method, in terms of cost and utility
it is good. Perhaps it is the direction of the main stream in the future.
5. Surge protection
The ability of LED waterproof power supply to resist surge is relatively poor, especially against reverse voltage. It is also important to strengthen protection in this area. some
LED lights are installed outdoors, such as LED street lights. Because of the induction of lightning strikes on the grid load, the grid system will invade various surges,
These surges can cause damage to the LEDs. Therefore, the LED driver power supply must have the intrusion of restraint surge to protect the LED from damage.
6. Protection function
In addition to the usual protection functions of the power supply, Zui adds LED temperature negative feedback to the constant current output to prevent the LED temperature from being too high.
7. Protection aspect of the external device type, LED waterproof power supply structure should be waterproof, moisture-proof, and the outer casing should be light-resistant.
8. The life of the LED waterproof drive power supply should match the life of the LED.
9. To meet the needs of safety and electromagnetic compatibility.
Waterproof power supply parameters
1 specification parameter
2 Other parameters LED module number: 4 string 3 and; waterproof level up to IP67 All operations should be in accordance with temperature -30 ° C to 50 ° C, phase
For a humidity range of 20 to 90 percent, the storage ambient temperature should be between -40 and 80 ° C and the relative humidity between 5 and 95 percent.
Within the percentage range.