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2019 June Guangzhou LED Light Asia
2019-05-30 18:07:33
2019 June Guangzhou LED Light Asia Exhibition is coming soon, more is a LED light bar, LED lighting, LED module, LED power supply, LED display factory is also preparing for the annual Guangya Exhibition The samples and the construction of the exhibition hall.
We are also an LED switching power supply company. We have experienced 11 years of innovation and continuous efforts to create better power products for our customers, to provide customers with a perfect account and create more benefits. We always keep customers as God. purpose.
Our company made many switching power certifications last year, CE BIS ROHS UL SAA CB certification. . Let customers recognize our products.
June 9th Guangzhou LED Light Asia Exhibition 13.2 / E02 counter, specializing in the production of LED switching power supply, dimming power supply, drive power supply, waterproof power supply 12V 24V 20W-500W power. Each product is produced according to strict requirements. Each Ddriver is aging according to 10 hours, and high and low temperature test. Welcome everyone to visit.