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0-10v dimmable 100W driver principle
2019-08-22 18:41:04
Hello, 0-10V dimming power supply design with control chip, when connected to 0-10V dimmer, change the output current of the power supply through 0-10V voltage change, adjust the brightness of the light, for example: when 0-10V dimmer modulation At 0V, the current drops to 0mA, and the brightness of the light is also off.
0-10v dimmable 100W driver principle
When the 0-10V dimmer is adjusted to a maximum of 10V, the current will reach the maximum value of the power output, and the brightness will also reach the brightest, and the output voltage will remain unchanged. of. The difference between 0-10V and 1-10V dimming: different brightness and turn-off voltage, 0-10V will be on at 0.3V, 1-10V 0.7~0.8V will be on, and the lamp will not be turned off. In addition, 0-10V dimming power supply is divided into constant current drive and constant voltage drive.