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What Are the Important Protection Models for Led Power Supply?
2019-09-17 19:02:26
 What Are the Important Protection Models for Led Power Supply?
Not merely for Led power supply,each kind of good has a set of its own maintenance methods.But how do we know the necessary protection methods for led power supply?Led power supply is one of the power supply which provide power to electronic equipment,lighting and all components in computer required.With regard to maintenance methods,we must know its over current circuit,overshoot circuit,over voltage circuit and direct circuit.
Over Current Circuit
From the first place,when accidents such as load short circuit,overload or control circuit failure happened,the current passed through switch tube too much,thus the tube’s power consumption increased and hot.If there is no over current maintenance device,switch tube with high power possibly destroy. Regulating circuit failure may lead to led over current damage to some extend.Normally over current maintenance complete the maintenance process by sampling resistor and Hall sensor to check and compare.However they have drawbacks as big size and expensive spending.
Overshoot Circuit
Because steady current switch power supply formed overshoot circuit when switch on and off,therefore MS level overshoot circuit is forbade for led load.As a result, pressure of instantaneous high current perhaps deteriorate led equipment.
Over Voltage Circuit
When the load of steady current switch power supply brought about short circuit,the voltage across the resistor would drop to zero.Once the set point is not zero,conditioner would make the output voltage surge to maximum which is risky when load connection is poor.The priority is maintain load when overload occurs for most loads like led and semiconductor refrigeration,  second is switch power tube.
Direct Circuit
Half bridge and full bridge are common topological structures for switching power supplies.Straight-through is the view that two transistors of the same bridge are turned on together at the same time which has great threats to its construction.During the commutation period,switch power supply can easily affected to become direct circuit.Too much direct circuit would destroy power electronic equipment that created for invert.Once direct circuit formed,for avoiding burnout due to the heat from accumulation of switch equipment’s PN,immediate check and cut of power supply are important.
For tackling with above problems,there is one efficient maintenance method can be used:Put two-directions TVS to against the momentary voltage.Apart from there,the quality and effect of led power supply should be our priority.