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Analysis of Two Common LED Dimmer Power Supply
2019-09-24 18:00:21

 Analysis of Two Common LED Dimmer Power Supply

1.LED SCR Light Regulating Power Supply
  Thyristordimming was used in incandescent lamp and energy-saving lamp dimming earlier, and it is also the most widely used dimming method in LED dimming. 
Its working principle is to generate a tangential output voltage waveform after the input voltage waveform passes through the conduction angle tangent wave. Applying the tangential principle, the RMS of output voltage can be reduced to reduce the power of ordinary load (resistanYSD IP20 led power supplyce load). The advantages of thyristor dimming are high efficiency and stable performance.
2. LED0/1-10V light-regulating power supply
The power supply is designed with a control chip. When connected to the 0-10V dimmer, the output current of the power supply is changed by changing the voltage of 0-10V. For example, when the 0-10V dimmer is modulated to 0V, the current drops to 0, and the brightness of the light is turned off (with a switching function). When the 0-10V dimmer is modulated to 10V, the output current will also reach 0-10V. To the power output of 100%, the brightness will also be 100%. (The output voltage is unchanged).YSD waterproof 12V 300W led power supply
1-10V dimming principle: As explained above, only dimmer is 1-10V: when the resistance dimmer is adjusted to the minimum 1V, the change of output current is 10%. If it reaches 10V (the maximum), the output current will reach 100% of the power output, and the brightness will be 100%. (The output voltage is unchanged). Note: 1-10V has no switching function, can not. Set the lamp to the minimum shutdown function!