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How do 24V LED lights connect to 12V power
2019-10-10 22:11:16

 How do 24VLED lights connect to 12V power
If the 24VLED lamp is powered by 12V power, the voltage needs to be raised to 24V through the booster circuit to make the LED lamp work normally.
If this seems too tedious, the easiest way is to connect two 12V power supplies in series to get 24V power supply for the LED lamp. Specific method: 1, first find two same power supply, one of the negative pole and the other piece of positive pole connected with a wire, this is the two battery empty positive pole and negative pole is 24V, and then the two empty electrodes corresponding access to the LED lamp can work normally. When wiring, pay attention to the positive and negative poles do not make a mistake, that is: the positive pole of the power supply is the positive pole of 24V, the negative pole of the power supply is the negative pole of 24Vpower supply

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