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The difference between the front tangential phase and the back tangential phase of thyristor dimming
2019-10-16 18:57:39
 The difference between the front tangential phase and the back tangential phase of thyristor dimming
The Triac dimmer is actually divided into two types, one is Triac dimmer, also known as front cutting phase dimmer, the other is the reverse phase control dimmer (i.e., back cutting phase dimmer) also known as ELV dimmer. Theoretically, the back edge dimming is more suitable for LED lamp dimming.
The principle of TRIAC dimming is to generate a tangential output voltage waveform after passing the input voltage waveform through the conduction Angle shear wave. By applying tangential principle, the effective value of output voltage can be reduced to reduce the power of ordinary load (resistance load). The advantages of front SCR dimming are high efficiency and stable performance. However, with the rise of LED lamps, TRIAC dimming and LED compatibility problems.
Silicon controlled dimming, the leading edge of incandescent dimming, why not LED dimming?
In fact, the compatibility between LED and TRIAC is a common problem.
One reason for the poor compatibility is the difference in the way incandescent bulbs and leds are powered. Incandescent lamps generate light by generating electricity from the grid through a simple resistive load. The relationship between current, voltage and brightness is linear and direct, and the voltage varies in proportion to the current.
Leds are different from incandescent bulbs. Leds rely on drive circuits to provide constant current and ensure the right power and voltage, and their interactions with TRIAC are unpredictable. For example, at a low-key light level, a constant-current or constant-voltage LED driver might compensate for the phase-cutting part by getting more current from the grid -- or the interruption of an alternating sine wave that keeps the LED bright or causes flickering.
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