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How to position LED products
2019-10-23 00:32:02
 How to position LED products
In fact, in the above list of parameters, the end customer is really concerned about the first is price, life, brightness and safety. Second, perhaps more careful people will close
Note the light decay, health, environmental protection and other aspects, so we must correctly control the traditional lighting and LED lighting balance and entry point! On the current residents on lighting
Of illuminant understanding, have a few meeting to try again? Therefore, the real terminal resources are concentrated on commercial, factory and government lighting, outdoor lighting renovation.
The main market for mainland Chinese companies is still divided into international trade and engineering projects. The international market is mainly dominated by mainland traders, but there are also a few

The manufacturer will be directly external. We can also divide them into two categories according to the current situation of foreign markets, developed countries and developing countries. Developed countries such as the United States, Japan,
The European Union and so on, they to the product request is relatively high, like wants each kind of tedious authentication, the chip property right. The power supply has to be isolated... And the natural price is relatively high.
Developing countries such as Russia, India, South America and other countries, their national conditions are similar to China, they come all the way to China, want is the price, for them
His side of the requirements are lower, product requirements naturally will not be high where to go.
The terminal customer requirement of mainland market is simpler, in the case of same price, accord with mainland condition to add some human concern, suit some project to transform
The basic requirements of the project are sufficient. At present, the projects that the mainland needs to transform are nothing more than factories, supermarkets, underground parking lots, schools and hospitals
Courtyard, hotel, advertisement light box and so on place.
Let's take an example, such as a clean factory needs LED light tube to transform. First of all to understand the plant's basic situation and architectural drawings and lighting what

Specific requirement, need cleanness achieves a few level requirement, illuminance much tall, need achieves how many lux, whether 24 hours constant bright, right color temperature, develop color index, luminous Angle
A basic requirement of degree and installation method. Since want to be clean, nature must start from this respect first, LED lamp does not have ultraviolet ray, reason basically won't invite flying insect. No static electricity, so no dust. That USES the cleanness of LED lamp tube to already exceeded traditional daylight lamp tube far, LED lamp tube is next full color temperature, show
Color > 75% (traditional < 60%), in 24 hours of use, LED lamp life is more than 7 times the traditional lamp life. Plus the total power of 16W
LED lamp tube can replace the total power of 43W traditional lamp tube, energy saving ratio of nearly 70%, plus small light decay, low maintenance of personnel and other advantages, compared with the advantages
It's pretty obvious.
Take the underground parking lot, the purpose of replacement is obvious. Because 24 hours of constant bright, and non-profit site, it must help owners out of the cost of the advantages of accounting. industry
The requirements of the main light is extremely low, only very ordinary lighting up a temporary effect, so we must according to the special environment, give owner device is one of the most simple of leds, whether can consider to use low wattage, flat straw hats, all PC, glass fiber board, LED switching power supply, waterproof power supply, drive power supply, power supply installed in such a special occasion. Can you even consider removing the PC cover of the lamp and using a layer of protective glue brush on the fiberglass board? In these respects there is
Many successful enterprises, such as indoor total reach, outdoor on, the display screen of the joint construction. In fact, in this year's LED industry so cool, it is really worth the big
Home reference, learning.
LED product orientation and LED company's long-term planning
Products without direction is like headless flies, flying everywhere. A good product can lead the trend of the market. A cost-effective product can drive, expand the market. Therefore, we have to make good LED lamps with high cost performance to guide the market, drive and expand the current dilemma and unhealthy

LED lamp market. Cost-effective, good product nature first premise to professional, can not let the market to control you. Today customers want to participate in outdoor,
Tomorrow want indoor come to assemble indoor, the person of a company and experience are finite, in the end just be blindly by the market is pulling nose completely go, own product
Without a little personality, characteristics, no one is their own professional, specialty products. So we hope to do a little product to do fine, professional! This is also good for the enterprise
The long-term development of the industry, thus in the current chaotic fragile market to occupy a place!
LED lighting sales model, strategy
According to the current situation and future development direction of LED lighting market, and the influence of price and other factors, the sales mode is mainly divided into international business and mainland market
Field. Enterprises with strength can also directly connect with foreign markets (mainly take the Internet as a platform and participate in some international exhibitions to publicize and expand the company's influence
Force. At the same time, it is better to make a clear distinction in the products, whether to do the market of developing countries or developed countries, or take it all, which depends on our own strength,
Ability and decide, the distribution circumstance that sees oneself client group will decide. According to the national conditions, the mainland market will be more specific, engineering, pipeline (mainly is also to each place
Engineering), direct selling and EM C contract energy management. Especially in the EM C contract energy management, because of the price constraints, many want to change but can not
Force transformation or LED lighting do not understand, relatively unfamiliar customers, is the most effective and direct way. Some of the current strength of the big companies, including some traditional photos
Ming well-known enterprises, have participated in this mode of competition, to warm up to their own first, for the future fully integrated into the LED lighting market to lay a good foundation!
Every company entering the LED lighting industry should have a clear market positioning, that is, survive first, then develop and grow. That is to think of a way to guide and
Control the environment, otherwise it will be the market ruthless elimination!