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Shenzhen yanshuda -LED switching power supply dimmer power waterproof power supply
2019-10-29 19:07:39
 Shenzhen yanshuda -LED switching power supply dimmer power waterproof power supply
LED switching power supply, waterproof power supply -- 12V/24V series: beyond the traditional frame design, refuse a bit complicated, pure and simple, unique style. Yishuda switch power 12V/24V series innovative frame edge design, and diverse design style perfect integration, one integrated mass, not abrupt, but also can show elegant taste; A change from the traditional process, the use of aluminum shell package product surface, pure and flawless; Refuse to change, internal open/short circuit/overvoltage/overload/overheating protection, in LED lamp strip, guardrail tube, module, projection lamp, wall wash lamp, street lamp, display screen, lighting lighting and other commercial lighting performance is excellent. Products have passed CE and ROHS certification, more secure, more reliable, high pressure and load aging, is your business lighting quality choice
LED dimming power -- 12V/24V series: adopt modern smooth and exquisite technology, take the lead in passing waterproof IP67 standard, aluminum shell package, the whole presents simple style, harmonious and generous. Its streamlined appearance design, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, good finish, to meet the needs of indoor and outdoor installation. Comply with the global safe lighting rules, with more security, longer service life. (86% ~ 90%) high efficiency operation, give you better lighting experience, products meet RoHS environmental protection requirements.
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