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the exhibition in Hong Kong has concluded and the exhibition tour in new Delhi, India is about to start
2019-11-01 17:06:38
 -- the exhibition in Hong Kong has concluded and the exhibition tour in new Delhi, India is about to start
October just passed, on October 30, shenzhen yanshuoda technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as yanshuoda) concluded the 21st Hong Kong international autumn lighting exhibition tour, this trip to Hong Kong we harvest full. In this exhibition, research field for exhibitors and buyers to recognize a comprehensive introduction of LED power supply products, make the research of brand to recognize not only gained a lot of exposure, its high quality products and brand charm is favoured by many partners and consumers to promote more business communication, more is ongoing business cooperation.
HongKong Exhibition
As a LED, LED  power 12V 24V, switch power supply, LED high PF power supply, waterproof LED power supply, and many other category LED power supply products of high-tech enterprises, the research of masters to persist in using the best technology to make the best quality products, the research of masters of able to gain a foothold in the international LED lighting market reasons, is also the reasons why consumers choose research of masters of.
India international LED lighting exhibition 2019 will be held in the exhibition center of new Delhi, India on 14th this month, lasting for three days (from 14th to 16th). This exhibition is one of the largest and most influential professional LED industry exhibitions in India. Currently, India has ranked among the top ten economies in the world. With the rapid development of economy, the growth rate of Indian LED industry in recent years is amazing.

As a modern high-tech enterprise, yanshuoda always follow the international market and innovation, strive to make the best LED power products for consumers, naturally will not be absent from this grand meeting. India international LED lighting exhibition is held once a year, covering LED lighting, display technology related to all product categories and strictly according to product categories partition, it is the most professional and most authoritative LED lighting exhibition in India, I believe that in this exhibition, will be more brilliant.

Let's wait and see, on November 14th, masuda meets with you in new Delhi, India
2019 HongKong exhibition