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Focus on LED display power supply
2019-11-19 02:32:14
 Nowadays, led display screens can be seen everywhere and applied in a wide range of fields. We often see colorful dynamic commercial advertising pictures on the street. That is the effect of display screens.
As a new media,LED screen is the use of moving luminous graphics, display of information, content can be updated at any time, and has very good advertising and notice effect, so it is easier to attract people's attention. So what are the components of led display screen? Today, I will give you a brief introduction:
Led display is mainly composed of the following components: led unit board, wiring, switching power supply, control card.
First component :LED unit board
It is one of the core display components of LED. The quality of the unit board directly affects the display effect. The unit board is composed of LED module, driver chip and PCB. LED module, in fact, is made of many LED luminous points with resin or plastic packaging lattice.
Second element: the wire
LED unit board
It can be divided into data line, transmission line and power line. Data line is used to connect the control card and LED unit board line. A transmission line is used to connect a control card to a computer. The power cord is used to connect the power supply, the control card and the LED unit board. The copper core diameter of the power cord connecting the unit board is not less than 1mm.
Third component :LED power supply
Power supply is generally used switching power supply,220V input,5V dc output. It should be pointed out that as the led display screen is a precision electronic device, switching power supply should be used instead of transformer.
Fourth element: control card
LED Waterproof Ultra-thin Driver
We recommend the use of low-cost strip control card, which can control the 256x16 point two-color screen of 1/16 scan, and can assemble the most cost advantage LED screen. The control card belongs to the asynchronous card, that is, the card can power off to save information, do not need to connect to the PC can display stored information inside.