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Journey to India - take off and grow
2019-11-21 21:48:20
 Journey to India - take off and grow
In November this year, shenzhen yishuda technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as yishuda) participated in the three-day (14-16) LED lighting exhibition in new Delhi, India.
We have gained a lot from this exhibition:

On this industry stage, yanshuda not only showed its own LED dimmer power 60w-300w 12V 24V, LED waterproof power 20w-600w, 0-10v dimmer power 60w-400w, switch power 60w-400w and other unique products to the Indian people and their counterparts, but also gained the favor of many new customers with a unique corporate image.LED lighting exhibition in new Delhi, India
In countries where customers and dealers are relatively concentrated, this exhibition effectively improves the corporate image, and effectively improves the product popularity and market competitiveness. Here we clearly feel the enterprise's development space and market space, understand the market potential of our products.
At the same time, through face-to-face communication and communication with customers, dealers and other enterprises, we have gained a detailed understanding of the product market in India. We have found some suitable partners and are negotiating the cooperation of a certain product.
In the future, yishuda will continue to uphold the purpose of "integrity and innovation", to make more high-quality and reliable LED power supply, we hope to appreciate more yishuda insight cooperation! The future together!
LED lighting exhibition in new Delhi, India