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Proper use of LED power supply
2019-12-03 23:14:02

 Proper use of LED power supply

With the development of economy, LED display has become a common scene in our life. Whether indoor or outdoor, LED display plays an increasingly important role. The driving power, as the heart of the LED display, is particularly important to maintain a smooth and safe operation.
What can we do to keep the driving power in a safe and stable state during daily use? Let's see.

Keep items that may cause harm to the power source away from the power source to avoid possible problems.
Whether it is in the dry north or the wet south, you should pay attention to the control of humidity. You must keep the humidity of the environment where the LED display belongs and do not let anything with moisture into the LED system or the area where it belongs.

For iron, aluminum and other metal objects, should be strictly prohibited from entering the power supply work area, the drive power is best placed in a place with less dust, too much dust will damage the circuit.

In strong lightning and other bad weather, try not to use the power supply, to maintain the power supply stability, do a good job of grounding protection.
Firstly, the parameters of LED lamp should be given, such as power, number of beads, current, voltage, etc. Otherwise, the power source cannot be selected, so it is not necessary to choose the power source and then match the LED lamp. After all, the power of LED lights is determined according to room size, brightness and other requirements.

LED power selection:

1. Current: the output current of LED power should be about 90% of the rated current of LED lamp, and should not exceed the rated current of LED lamp. The accuracy of LED power output current should be within plus or minus 5%, the higher the accuracy, the better. Current accuracy over plus or minus 10%, resolutely not used, not only LED lamp brightness instability, life is short.

2. Voltage: the output voltage range of LED power should reach 80% to 120% of the rated voltage of LED lamp, at which time the efficiency and power factor are both high; The minimum output voltage of the LED power supply must be less than 90% of the rated voltage of the LED lamp and the

maximum output voltage must be greater than 110%, otherwise the difference and inconsistency of the bead parameters will cause the LED lamp to fail to light. The wider the output voltage range of the LED power supply, the lower the efficiency and power factor, but it does not affect the use.
Finally, no matter what causes the power supply problems, should be immediately cut off and contact the relevant maintenance personnel.