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What is the difference between LED power supply and driving power supply?
2019-12-20 17:47:32

 What is the difference between LED power supply and driving power supply?

Generally speaking, LED driver is also a kind of switching power supply, but it has several particularities, and it is also the common feature of this kind of switching power supply, so it is used to be classified as LED driver.

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These are:

Its voltage output is a multiple of 3.2, that is to say, the form of voltage output is 3.2V, 6.4v, 9.6V, 12.8v, but the maximum is not more than 25.6v.

Because after this number is exceeded, when the LED is turned on, the possibility of burning the last LED will occur because of the poor consistency of the product. And the voltage is not constant. It changes with the load to achieve the purpose of constant current.

switching power supply

Its output current is constant, the ideal circuit is no matter how the characteristic curve of LED changes, the current of driving power remains unchanged. But limited to the accuracy of components, there will be a small amount of changes, and this change is also an important parameter to judge whether the driving circuit is excellent. The function of LED conduction and voltage is a nonlinear "three section" relationship, so it is very important to maintain constant current.

Its start is soft start. Because the consistency of LED is very poor, and the activity of internal PN junction changes instantaneously when the LED is on, the driver of LED is generally designed as soft start to avoid this defect.

Its circuit requirements are the simplest, because many times, the circuit is required to be installed in a small space to match the convenience of LED lighting, so the circuit should be as simple as possible, which can also save costs and reduce energy consumption.

It generally does not require isolation, because many products are similar to the structure of ordinary lighting, and the safety aspect can be similar to lighting. But the first one is a "selective reading item". We should not misunderstand when we understand it, because some drivers still need to be isolated. This feature is only applicable to our current popular circuits, but not necessarily to the needs of future circuit development.
In conclusion, it can be concluded that soft start, constant current, step voltage and simple circuit are its characteristics.

switching power supply

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