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Top 10 power switch brands? How to connect the power switch?
2019-12-30 16:58:44
 Top 10 power switch brands? How to connect the power switch?
[abstract] in the purchase, to know the power switch ten brands, only the brand of product quality can let people rest assured to use, at the same time to buy also want to know how the power switch wiring, wiring should be more careful, pay attention to safety.
As we all know, for the room to decorate, will choose to use the power switch, so that can better protect people's safety, in the choose and buy when, want to know that one of the ten famous brands in the power switch, only brand of product quality can be assured the use of, also want to know how the power switch at the same time when buying wiring, wiring more careful, when you need to pay attention to safety.
Top 10 power switch brands? How to connect the power switch?
Top 10 power switch brands?
A. Schneider electric (400-810-1315), founded in 1920 in France, is a global manager of energy efficiency, a leading brand in the field of power distribution equipment, and a leading manufacturer in the field of electric, Schneider electric (China) co., LTD
2. SIEMENS SIEMENS (400-616-2020), started in Germany in 1847, quit the home appliance industry in 2014, focusing on
electrification/automation/digitalization, a top 500 enterprise, SIEMENS (China) co., LTD
3. DELTA (886-2-87972088), a leading brand of switched power supply products, large video display and industrial automation solutions provider, DELTA electronics industry co., LTD
Four. Mingwei MEANWELL (400-800-3608), founded in 1982 in Taiwan, is a leading brand of switched power supply, a large quality switched power supply manufacturer, mingwei (guangzhou) electronics co., LTD
Five. Chaoyang power 4NIC (4001050001), started in 1986, China has a relatively large-scale professional power production base, with independent intellectual property rights to support the power product technical system, aerospace changfeng chaoyang power co., LTD
Six. Omron (400-820-4535), a global manufacturer of automation and electronic equipment, owns the leading sensing and control core technology, Omron automation (China) co., LTD
Seven. PHOENIX (China) co., LTD., founded in 1928 in Germany, is a global leader in electrical connection/electronic interface and industrial automation
Eight. MOSO (400-889-0018) is an influential professional Power Supply manufacturer, Power Supply solution supplier, high-tech enterprise, listed company, MOSO Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd
Nine. Tdk-lambda (0510-8528-1029, TDK group, Japan's earlier standard switching power manufacturers, switching power brands, large multinational enterprises, wuxi toda electronics co., LTD

10. Yanshuoda technology co., LTD., ysd-12-400w
More influential professional power supply manufacturers, power supply solutions suppliers, high-tech enterprises
Independent research and development.
How to connect the power switch?
The connection method of a, two wire power supply two wire power switch should aim at low power electric appliance only, for example electric lamp and so on. Small electrical demand for voltage is not high, so the voltage requirements of the power switch is not big, two lines of power switch can be controlled. Two lines of power supply switch connected to the zero line and fire line two kinds of wire, there is no clear connection sequence, can be confused, but can not let two lines have contact that is, it is worth noting to ensure that the line to be connected, the problem of electrical protection, do not let the line to expose the foreskin or power switch outside.
The function of the three-wire power switch is much more than that of the two-wire power switch, which can support the use of many high-power electrical appliances, such as refrigerators, air conditioners and other electrical appliances. Three-wire power switch can be seen from the name, it is controlled by three wires, zero wire, fire wire and ground wire. This needs to pay attention to, the ground wire can only be connected to the place, there is an independent mark, can not be connected wrong. The other zero line, the fire line in the order, can be confused, but can not let the two lines have contact, need to pay attention to electrical protection, do not let the line to expose the cover or power switch outside.
Power switch ten brands, the above text to make to introduce, no matter what kind of brand, should ensure that they buy genuine products can. For the power switch wiring, general people buy in the specialty stores, but also can have professional personnel door installation, but if they install, must turn off the switch, so as to ensure safety.