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How to install the led light strip power supply connection diagram
2020-01-02 16:51:22
 How to install the led light strip power supply/LED power supply  connection diagram
1. Necessary materials: LED hard lamp bar, DC12V drive power supply, multi-gu copper core flexible wire 0.75mm^2, glass glue; 2. Dc power connection and installation: L connect jing to the power switch and then connect the "live wire" (that is, the electric pen can detect the electric wire), N directly
connect the "zero wire" (the electric pen can detect the non-electric wire) +V connect the hong wire of the light bar, -v connect the red and black wire or black wire of the light bar, if the reverse light is not on, it will not be broken; 3. In consideration of the power consumption of connecting wires, lv, it is recommended that the gong rate of LED hard strip should not exceed 80% of the rated power of dc power supply, and the 72-bead counter light strip should be 17.2w /M; 4. There are two main dc power connection methods for LED hard strip products: one is in series and the other is in parallel. It is suggested that the length of series bu should be more than 3 meters.DC12V drive power supply

5. Before an installation, please try out the power supply and each light bar first, make sure that mei is damaged, calculate the power supply power, determine how many meters to connect a power supply, make sure that the wiring scheme is ding, the wire is the shortest, the wiring is the most simple, and then start to install the aluminum groove to the inside of the counter
Generally, the LED light belt is equipped with LED power supply (because the LED light belt must be used with the corresponding power adapter). You only need to connect the input end of the power adapter to the power supply, and the output end to the LED light belt.