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Constant Current vs. Constant Voltage power suppluy
2020-04-24 22:40:24
 Constant Current vs. Constant Voltage power suppluy

All drivers are either constant current (CC) or constant voltage (CV), or both. This is one of the first factors you need to consider in your decision making process. This decision will be determined by the LED or module you will be powering, the information for which can be found on the LED’s datasheet.


Constant current (CC) LED drivers keep a constant electric current throughout an electronic circuit by having a variable voltage.  CC drivers are often the most popular choice for LED applications. CC LED drivers can be used for individual bulbs or a chain of LEDs in series, for example LED panel lights. A series means that the LEDs are all mounted together in line, for the current to flow through each one. They generally offer better control and a more efficient system than constant voltage.AC input 220V/DC output 27-42V, 900mA LED driver could be a typical one for 595x595mm LED panel.


Constant voltage (CV) LED drivers are power supplies. They have a set voltage that they supply to the electronic circuit. You would use CV LED drivers to run multiple LEDs in parallel, for example LED strips and LED signage modules. CV power supplies can be used with LED strips that have a current limiting resistor, which most do. The voltage output must meet the voltage requirement of the entire LED string.AC input 220V/DC output 12V, 8.3A,100W LED driver could be a typical one for one roll of DC12V 5050 60leds/m 14.4W/m LED strip (5 meter/roll=72W/m.)
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CV drivers can also be used for LED light engines which have a driver IC on board.


Some LED drivers may feature both options of CV and CC. As standard they run as CV but, when output current passes the rated current limit, they switch to a CC mode. This functionality is suitable for applications which require a flexible LED Driver.