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What is led driver?
2020-07-21 22:10:23
 What is led driver?
Generally speaking, the LED driving power supply is a converter. Its function is to convert our common power supply or other power supply into the voltage and current suitable for use. Only through its conversion can the LED work normally. For example, if we want to unscrew a nut, we must use the same type of wrench
The function of LED driver is no different from the ballast of quartz lamp cup transformer, fluorescent lamp, energy saving lamp and metal halide lamp that we used in the past. It is to make the light source products work stably and normally.
Types of LED drivers
There are two kinds of driving modes for LED lamps in common use in the market. One is constant current driving. The characteristic of constant current driving is that the output current is constant and the output voltage changes within a range. So we often see that the driving shell is marked (output: DC * * V - * * V * * ma + - 5%) which means the output voltage is in a certain range and the current is milliampere

The other is constant voltage drive. The characteristic of constant voltage drive is that the output voltage is fixed, and the current changes with the number of connected lamps within the maximum value. Generally, the output (output: DC * * V * * a) is the output fixed voltage and the maximum output current in the LED market.LED market is common output 5V, 12V, 24V and so on.