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Three common considerations for the correct use of LED power supply
2021-01-21 00:25:14

The application market of LED power supply is gradually expanding. According to relevant data, the usage of LED power supply has exceeded that of ordinary power supply in 2019. Under the huge scale of use, the standard use of LED power supply has become particularly important, so what are the common problems in the use of LED power supply? Today, Yanshuoda Technology LED power supply manufacturer summed up some for you, interested friends together to understand:

1. Heat dissipation problem

LED is a cold light source, and the operating junction temperature should not exceed the limit, and a certain allowance should be left when describing. The description of the entire lamps and lanterns to think about beautiful appearance, convenient installation, light distribution, heat dissipation and many other problems, to seek a balance point in many elements, so that all lamps and lanterns can give full play to its value.

2. Application of parameters

Outsourcing power in the selection of the number of LED lights, to determine the power wattage. Generally on the basis of the total power outflow of 20% of the margin, try not to choose more than a large value of the power supply, to prevent the waste of power.

3.LED life problem

LED driver includes two types of digital driver and analog driver, digital driver exponential word circuit driver, including digital dimming control, RGB full color change, etc. Analogical drive refers to the analog circuit drive, including AC constant current switching power supply, DC constant current control circuit.

The common problems in the use of LED power supply are mainly the above three points. In addition, the correct installation of power supply can not be ignored.
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