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Important factors to choose a proper 12V LED power supply
2021-02-02 00:43:57

1. Select the correct operating voltage.

The input voltage of 12V LED strips or 12V LED lights is 12V direct current, and only 12V LED power supplies can be used.

Under no circumstances should higher voltage transformers be used. For example, never use a 24V power supply to connect a 12V LED strip or light. If you choose too high voltage, the LED strip or LED light will be damaged.

2. Wattage (power output).
The 12V power supply should provide sufficient power output for the application. Here we need to know the power of the light strip. It is easy to calculate the power required for the application. The wattage per unit length of LED strip light multiplied by the length is the total power.

3. Non dimmable or dimmable 12V power supply.
Most times LED strip lights use a non-dimmable power supply. For normal projects, the LED dimmer or controller is installed between the power supply and the LED strip lights. At this time, the power supply itself does not need to have the dimming function, and the dimming function is assumed by the dimmer or the controller.

4. Indoor or outdoor waterproof 12V led power supply?
The decisive factor is the location of the 12V DC power supply. For an indoor application of 12V LED strips or 12V LED lights, we usually choose an indoor power supply. If you install a waterproof LED light strip outdoors, the power supply can be placed outdoor or indoor. If the power supply is put outdoor, you need to choose a waterproof power supply. Or you place the power supply in a dry area and use a waterproof 12V LED light strip outdoor. For example, consider the application when the LED light strip illuminates a balcony. Usually, you can choose to install the power supply and the LED strip controller in the adjacent room.

Note: For the above reasons, when you buy a power supply for a 12V or 24V waterproof strip light, you can consider whether you need a waterproof power supply based on the actual installation place. Generally, waterproof power supply is required in a humid or damp environment. If you can protect the transformer from water such as using a power box, or put the power supply in a dry place, it is no problem to choose a non waterproof power supply.

waterproof power supply
Can an LED driver be used as a power supply?
Yes, it can. Actually an LED driver is a power supply by itself. It is just another name of power unit that provides power for LED strip lights and other LED lighting products. FYI, it is also often referred to as LED power transformer.
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