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How to correctly distinguish a power supply from an isolated power supply or a non-isolated power supply
2021-03-17 15:00:22

There are many kinds of power products on the market, and the use scenarios for application are also different. How to distinguish the power supply is isolated power supply or non-isolated power supply? Today, we will sort out the isolation and non-isolation of LED power supply.

Nowadays, LED lamps are very popular, which not only save power, but also have a longer service life. But because there are many kinds of LED lights on the market at present, so there are many kinds of LED driving power. We can divide the input and output into two kinds: isolated and non-isolated.
Isolated LED drive power supply
The purpose of isolation is for safety, and this power supply can be separated from the input and output power through the transformer. This kind of power supply uses less components, and easy to install, often combined with the use of PFC, the performance is better, very popular and recognized by the market.
Non-isolated LED drive power supply
This power supply is mainly batteries, batteries and so on, convenient to carry, mainly used for portable electronic products lighting use, of course, in the headlamp, and small lighting equipment will also be used.
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