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YSD Five in one LED dimming power supply,superior cost performance
2021-04-07 14:09:33

With the popularity of LED, the surrounding configuration of supporting power supply is more and more refined, the quality is becoming more and more high quality, with its structural optimization, high performance ratio (high power factor and synchronous rectification), strong randomness and other characteristics in the LED power supply industry frequently excellent products. GP series 5-in-1 dimming power supply with 60W/100W/200W/300W power output, wide voltage input, CE,BIS, RoHS certification.

Depth dimming stroboscopic design
The human eye needs to adjust and adapt to the light and shade of the surrounding environment. The process of visual adjustment and adaptation is accomplished by the dilation or contraction of the pupil of the eye and the transition between cone cells and rod cells. The light source stroboscopic can cause discomfort to the eyes, leading to eye fatigue, pain, and even dizziness, headache, nervousness, and even tachycardia. GP series 5-in-1 dimming power supply has soft start dimming function, which makes human vision more comfortable, dimming range: 0~100%, LED dimming starts from 1%, 0~100% of the whole process without strobe, high frequency exemption assessment level IEEE1789.
Depth dimming stroboscopic design
Surge resistance low harmonic and high PF value
Due to the complexity of the equipment in the power grid, considering the influence of the instability of the power grid on the LED lighting system, the GP series has a surge resistance capacity of 2000V, effectively improving the safety and efficiency of the power supply in the home for a long time to continue working. Low harmonic high PF value is more than 0.95, stable and reliable, effectively improve the power utilization rate.
Surge resistance low harmonic and high PF value
Series Model Parameter List:
Series Model Parameter List