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On the prospect of LED dimming power supply market
2021-04-17 11:15:46

In recent years, LED dimming power supply has been widely used in the construction of smart city. As the global production base of LED lighting products, China is also the gathering place of the global LED driving power industry. More and more LED power enterprises whose main market is overseas also begin to share a share in the foreign market.

From the perspective of market penetration, the market penetration of outdoor and industrial LED lighting applications, which are mainly supported by medium and high power LED driving power supply, is still relatively low. In the future, with the increasing market penetration of outdoor and industrial LED lighting applications and the expansion of new application fields, the potential market demand for medium and high power LED drive power will grow rapidly.
In terms of market competition, because of the high power LED drive power supply mainly matching used in outdoor, industrial LED lighting and other fields, products in constant voltage and constant current technology, high reliability and safety, and deal with the application of the bad environment, etc, the demand is higher, its technical barriers and industry are relatively high, relatively high market concentration and industry profit margins.
In specific application fields such as roads, Bridges, tunnels, airports and other transportation public infrastructure, outdoor LED lighting products are accelerating to replace traditional lighting products, and its replacement stock market and incremental market demand of new projects are on the rise. Therefore, the outdoor LED drive power industry also has a good market demand development space.
Compared with traditional lighting products, LED lighting products have high luminous efficiency, stable and durable, dimming, easy to control and other characteristics, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and other lighting applications scale application. With the improvement of living standards, from the original light and shade control of a single light to multi-dimensional control of different colors and brightness, the requirements for LED dimming power are also gradually improving.
At present, China's LED dimmer drive power supply lighting field, the market penetration is still at a low stage, and the market is still mainly concentrated in Japan, the United States, the Netherlands and a few countries and regions, there are also a small number of domestic applications. Therefore, in general, LED dimming power supply is expected to become a new growth point.