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How to ensure the safe application of LED driver power
2021-05-27 17:26:56
In life, fires caused by outdoor LED screens, LED light boxes and LED lighting are not uncommon, among which the use of unqualified LED switching power supply and improper installation are the main reasons. Then the choice of qualified LED driving power supply, correct installation, maintenance is the key to ensure the safety of life and property of users.
So how to correctly choose the qualified LED driving power supply? How to install the LED switching power supply correctly? We should pay attention to the following five problems: one, the selection of power supply in line with the requirements of national standards; Two, the selection of short circuit, overload protection of the power supply; Three, the selection of components flame retardant power supply; Four, the selection of cable in line with the requirements of national standards; 5. Correct connection mode of power supply and light emitting characters.
Choose qualified LED switching power supply, in line with the requirements of the national standard is the basic requirement
When the city comes into the night, the lights are shining like thousands of beaded flowers scattered by fairies, and the mansions stand like clouds covered with pearl inlay. With the continuous development of LED lighting products, the necessary accessories of LED lamps --LED driving power supply needs to meet higher and higher quality standards. Here is mainly to talk about the LED drive power for the outside of the picture. For the LED drive power used in the outdoor environment, there are relatively strict requirements for waterproof, lightning protection, heat dissipation and corrosion resistance.
In outdoor quantitative engineering, the working environment of LED drive power supply is often subjected to extreme weather conditions. For example, in winter in the north, it is extremely cold, minus 30 degrees Celsius is very common temperature. This time to the normal work of the LED switching power supply, must have a low temperature start function, to ensure that the light emitting characters can be started normally in the case of minus 30 degrees; In the south, especially in the rainy season, fog, humidity and dust are the severe conditions for testing the LED driving power. In such an environment to work normally, it is necessary to ensure that the power supply products three anti-treatment, moisture-proof, dust-proof and fogging, to ensure normal use in the seaside and wet weather.
Ensure the safety of LED drive power, choose products with short circuit, overload protection and flame retardant function, in the use of LED drive power, the power supply due to short circuit fire, or due to the use of power overload (power use overload) resulting in damage from time to time.
In short, the choice of LED driving power supply, to choose brand products, so as to ensure its quality and safety. The capacitors used in the LED drive power supply produced by Shenzhen Yanshuo Da Power Supply Co., Ltd are all brand capacitors with long life and many advantages. At the same time, it has the protection functions of preventing short circuit, overvoltage, overload and overtemperature to ensure the safety of users.
To ensure the safe use of LED driving power supply, correct installation is particularly important. To ensure the safety of the application of LED drive power, in addition to choosing high-quality products that meet the standards, correct installation is the key. Correct installation of power needs to pay attention to the following three issues: 1, choose in line with the requirements of the national standard cable; 2. Pay attention to the correct connection mode when connecting with the luminous word; 3. Installation environmental requirements of power supply.