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Switch power supply selection and wiring matters needing attention
2021-06-16 17:02:00
Matters needing attention when choosing a switching power supply
1. Select the appropriate input voltage specification;
2. Choose the right power. In order to prolong the life of the power supply, it is recommended to choose a power supply with more than 30% of the rated output power. For example, if the system requires a power supply of 100 watts, it is recommended to use a power supply with a rated output of 130 watts or more.
3. Consider load characteristics. If the load is a motor, bulb or capacitive load, the power supply must be adequate when the current is large for instantaneous power, so as not to overload. 
4. In addition, it is necessary to consider the different temperatures of the working environment of the power supply and whether there is additional auxiliary cooling technology and equipment. The output of the power supply should be reduced at a high temperature.
5. According to the actual application research needs to select the power supply with protection function: over voltage protection (OVP), over temperature protection (OTP), overload protection (OLP), etc. Application main functions: signal processing function (power supply company normal, power supply failure), remote control function, etc. Special function: power cause correction (PFC), continuous power supply (UPS), safety extra low voltage protection (SELV).
6. Select the safety regulations and electromagnetic environment compatibility (EMC) certification for the required data.
Switching power supply
1. Before using the power supply, ensure that the input and output voltage specifications match the nominal value of the power supply used; 
2. Before power on, check the correct connection of input and output leads to avoid damage to the user's equipment;
3. Check whether the installation of the equipment is firm, install a screw and the power board device has no contact, measure the insulation resistance of the shell and input and output, so as to avoid electric shock;
4. In order to ensure safety and reduce the use of interference to ensure reliable grounding;
5. The multi-output power system is generally divided into the main output and the auxiliary output. The main output is better than the auxiliary output in one characteristic. In order to ensure the output load adjustment rate and output and other indicators, it is generally required to take at least 10% of the load in each path. If the secondary road is not the main road, the main road must add appropriate false load. For detailed analysis, please refer to the specifications of corresponding product models.
6. Please note: Frequent switching of the power supply will affect its life.
7. Working environment and load bearing degree also affect its service life
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