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LED driver price war, consumers how to find the right product
2021-07-01 16:24:09
Many people believe that, although the current development of the LED industry is not stable, but LED is certainly the direction of the future development, so most enterprises are holding an optimistic attitude to follow the pace of the development of the LED industry, rather than go ahead, do the era of the LED industry waves, leading the LED industry forward progress. Because the technical threshold of the LED power industry is not high, so all walks of life are flooding in with low price cost, so it leads to a series of problems such as market chaos, product specifications are not unified, the industry does not form standard standards, vicious price competition and so on.
"In the lighting industry drive is good to find, good drive is not so good to find." Some operators complained bitterly, "now the market's driving power prices are too chaotic, so that the whole market is uncomfortable. 3W has more than 1 piece, more than 2 pieces, more than 3 pieces, more than 4 pieces, up to 7 pieces. Some products are reasonably priced according to their quality, but it should not be ignored that some manufacturers use poor products to replace good ones. So the price closes unreasonable view to maintain very hard, close unreasonable the quality that must decide it above all how. For finished product manufacturers, the quality and stability of the drivers used will generally undergo aging tests, but some manufacturers are not regular aging tests, so there is no way to know how the quality of the product is, and it will be too late for consumers to find the problem after using it." For the price of manufacturers, the whole market has been done a little bad. Especially in today's Internet era, prices are more transparent, price comparison cost is not high, for consumers, choose high quality and price appropriate cost-effective products is more important.
We have also heard of such a view: "in the upstream, LED package epitaxy piece this is relatively mature, now the only point is in the LED drive power supply this piece of mixed, good quality and bad quality, the key is to choose a good brand reputation, through the factory inspection, certification of qualified LED drive power manufacturers. For the brands that have been cooperating, do not change suppliers at will.