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5 Questions to Consider When Choosing a Manufacturer of LED Lighting
2021-08-05 16:22:15
With so many LED lighting manufacturers to choose from, it's important to determine who can be your trusted source for custom, commercial LED solutions.
Our first recommendation is to consider buying from a lighting manufacturer that offers products and services that meet your needs and those of your customers. While this may seem like a no-brainer, it's worth noting that your commercial LED needs must be determined. Product selection, customization capabilities, delivery time, and support are some of the important variables that are unique to each manufacturer. Before you begin researching options, it is important to determine your requirements to ensure that the commercial LED manufacturer you choose can meet or exceed your expectations. Consider these questions:
1. Who were their past customers and were they satisfied?
In your early research, check their website for posted testimonials. This is a good starting point to see past levels of customer satisfaction. When you visit their website, see if they mention any brands or clients they've worked with; Some is better than none, and if a well-known brand is pointed out, you can glean some insight into their reputation in the lighting industry.
2. What value do they provide?
How do they make your life easier compared to other LED manufacturers? Does it meet your needs? Will they follow through? Ask these key questions or check out their home page or about us page to see what they're most proud of. Product quality, r&d staff, customization, and delivery time are common ways to deliver value; So take a look at their priorities and determine if they meet the requirements of your commercial LED manufacturer.
3. What certifications do they offer?
Once installed, the lighting must pass inspection. Your chosen supplier should have product or system certification to build your custom LED lighting solutions that can pass inspection. Be sure to ask ahead of time so you don't go into the inspection worrying about whether your project will pass.
4. How long will it take to get an LED lighting solution?
Time is of the essence, and if you're working on a deadline, this is a question that must be answered. But even if you're not moving at the speed of light, ask the question just to set your expectations. While faster is usually better, especially in commercial buildings and construction, it is important to do well and be on time.
5. What support do they provide?
Ask about the resources they provide -- product information, project support, installation guides, and technical assistance to make sure your project runs smoothly, and see if you can get a description of their support.
Taking the time to answer these questions will help ensure that you find a suitable commercial LED manufacturer that will provide high quality commercial lighting solutions and excellent service.
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