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LED Landscape Lighting Retrofit with YSD Ultra-thin Waterproof Power Supply
2021-08-06 17:27:25
Many residential and commercial areas have been used for outdoor landscape lighting, whether it is small safety lights, road signs, or adding emphasis around the ground, LED lighting has played an important role. Most outdoor lighting systems are operated by low-voltage ALTERNATING current transformers, usually 12VAC. These 12VAC transformers have been installed in most homes and businesses because incandescent bulbs can use AC power. When switching to LED, a transformer is needed at this time, also known as LED power supply, because LED needs direct current, most LED drivers are low DC voltage or high AC line voltage.
Why replace landscape lights with LED lights?
Someone may ask, why switch to LED lighting if my old system is working fine? The thing about landscape lighting is that these lights are usually on for a long time at night, and when you think about all the accumulated time (and utility bills), you might realize that switching to leds is really worth it because they're more efficient and energy efficient, while also saving money.
What we call "long run" may not be that long because landscape lighting is heavily used at night. The longer these systems run, the faster the return on investment and start saving you money!
New lighting and renovation
We know that many people have the knack of designing and using leds, and are free to design their own lighting systems. This is great if you are a professional design person and already have a plan for the landscape lighting you want. For the transformation of LED lighting system, the transformer LED power supply used generally uses 12V or 24V power supply. At the same time, we should also consider whether the lighting system is used for indoor or outdoor. The outdoor environment is more severe than the indoor environment, and the cost of renovation and maintenance will be relatively high.
Designed for the outdoors
This driver is very compact, with an ultra-thin design and an ultra-small size that makes it easy to fit in most modifications. Using high PF design, high efficiency, more environmental protection, energy saving, more money. High reliability, which is conducive to the long-term use of LED lighting.
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