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Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Completed Successfully--The Present can be, the Future can be
2021-08-10 15:21:26
Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE), the largest and most influential annual lighting exhibition in China, lasts for 4 days in the lighting industry, will be closed at sunset on August 6, 2021. Various LED lighting enterprises will show their talents and achievements in this industry grand meeting.
In the lighting industry is facing a critical period of industrial structure change, as dedicated as they made their way in LED power supply of practitioners, the research of masters of light around the gist and exhibition theme "for now, and the future can be" period, with diversified LED power supply products as the main melody, showing their accumulated many years of professional technology and product advantage, to bright lighting industry new vitality.
This exhibition, we brought the company's main product series: ordinary dimming series, high PF dimming series, ultra-thin waterproof power supply series and strip power supply series and other advantage products, and the industry's new and old customers for efficient face-to-face communication, talk about products and solutions, create a win-win situation. Highlights:
The camera records the wonderful moments during the exhibition
The camera records the wonderful moments during the exhibition
Good time is fleeting, this exhibition is a great success, thanks to all the friends who come to the exhibition site, thank you for the recognition, support and affirmation of Yanshuoda technology, we will live up to the expectations of all, adhere to technological innovation, originality and quality, to provide customers with more quality products.