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No Buck LED Constant Voltage Switching Power Supply
2021-12-20 14:51:59
What is the adjustable led power supply
C series C version is IP20 indoor 4 ways adjustment soothing switch LED power supply with high efficiency, high quality and high competitiveness. The power range of this series is 30-500w, the output voltage support 12v and 24v. Based on old product, we also make some new improvement.
How to finish wire connection?
Firstly, it’s the input connector, we use press type connector and add more AC. For press type connector will no need any screwdriver, just press and finish wire connection. More AC terminals will be better for parallel connection, this will save your time& easy using in real project worksite. Secondly, it’s the output connector, we also use press type connector, it doesn’t need screwdriver to install, it solves the problem that you do not have a screwdriver. In addition, one power supply can be connect two groups led strip light, which can save your cost.

How to adjust the brightness?
The function of adjusting the light brightness is to adjust the voltage of the led power supply. It has 4 gear dimming mode, but it only has three buttons to adjust different brightness. When you turn on the first button, the brightness is 40%. when you turn on the first and second button, the brightness is 60%. When you turn on all three buttons, the brightness is 80%. It achieve 100% brightness when all three buttons are not turned on.
What is the function of soothing start button?
Have you ever had the experience of eye discomfort caused by the blinding light when you turn on the lights? Don’t worry, we add a soothing start button, slowly start power supply for better eye protection, with quick voltage adjustment to choose the favorite brightness. 
Does it have built-in fan?
This series is no fan design, the biggest advantage is will not overheat damage due to the dust amassing which caused by using fan cooling. I think you should not want to be bothered by the fan noise when using the led strip light. Also no fan design will not have noise, it is will be better for you to use in School, Hotel, Meeting Rooms. 
How to connect led strip lights to power supply?
1.Firstly, connect the led strip light to power supply. You should connect the black wire of the strip to the negative pole of the power supply output, and the red wire to the positive pole of the power supply output. When you put the wire into the corresponding hole, and then press the white button, very easy to finish the wire connection.
2.Secondly, connect the LED power supply to 220VAC. Just like step 1, connect the live wire, null wire and earth wire to the corresponding hole.
3.Thirdly, turn on the slow start button to avoid eye discomfort when energized.
4.Fourthly, turn on the switch after ensure that all wires are connected.
5.Finally, according to your favorite brightness to adjust the brightness 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%.