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Why do Young People Prefer LED Lights to Traditional Incandescent or CFLs?
2022-09-28 10:00:46
Nowadays, people prefer to choose led light to decorate their home, especially young people prefer led lights to tranditional incandescent or CFLs.
On the one hand, because led lights are actually light-emitting diodes, which can fully convert electrical energy into light energy when in use, reducing losses and damage to the environment.
On the other hand, the led lights have a long service life, generally quality assurance can be used in the case of 100,000 hours. In addition, what other advantages do led lights have?

led lights

1. Energy saving and emission reduction

The working temperature of ordinary incandescent lamps, light bulbs and energy-saving lamps often reaches 80 ~ 120 ℃, but also emits a lot of infrared light which is not good for human skin.
The led lamp as a light source emitted in the spectrum but no infrared components, and its excellent heat dissipation performance, working temperature of only 40 ~ 60 degrees.

2. Short response time

In the case of frequent use of energy-saving lamps or ordinary incandescent lamps, sometimes the voltage is unstable will appear dim and bright.
And the stable speed of using led lights is higher than incandescent or energy-saving lamps.General low temperature from the flickering symptoms to stabilize the brightness only need 5 ~ 6 minutes.

3. Convenient replacement

The interfaces of led lights, ordinary light bulbs and energy-saving lamps do not have any difference, can be directly replaced.
Generally direct purchase the same type of led lights can be used normally, without another replacement to change the interface or line can be easily achieved from ordinary lighting to led lighting.

4. Health

Ordinary light bulbs and energy-saving lamps emit light when working, containing a large number of infrared and ultraviolet light, and these two kinds of lights are harmful to food and human health.
While led lights do not emit infrared and ultraviolet rays when working, relatively speaking, the latter is more friendly to human health.

5. Safety

Ordinary light bulbs or energy-saving lamps use glass as materials,when in touch with hard objects, easy to break, and easy to lacerate fingers.
LED lights are safer to use because they work at low temperatures and have excellent heat dissipation performance.