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The Installation Guide of LED Switching Power Supply
2022-12-31 09:02:30
1. As the temperature rises, the output power of the LED switching power supply drops significantly.
2. General high-power light bars have special requirements for the installation of the LED power supply, must strictly comply with the operating specifications in the installation, otherwise the LED switching power supply will often fail, resulting in a significant increase in maintenance costs.
3. Before use, you need to test the operating temperature of the LED power supply installation environment to see if there are other auxiliary cooling devices, etc. If installed in a high-temperature environment, there is no auxiliary cooling equipment, the power supply needs to reduce the output power.
4. Many outdoor large light boxes are installed in the wall, which are far from LED power supply, then we should pay attention to a problem that is voltage drop.
5. The LED power supply should be installed in a ventilated environment as far as possible, which is conducive to its own heat dissipation, and the air inlet and outlet within 10cm should be guaranteed to be unobstructed, and the power supply should be installed in a fixed manner to prevent some accidents from causing the power supply to fall.
6. The installation between two LED power supplies should maintain a reasonable distance, to be separated by more than 20 centimeters, to avoid each other too close to lead to poor heat dissipation.
7. LED rainproof power supply must be installed correctly in accordance with the direction of the arrow, the power supply should be installed more than 30cm from the ground, while it must be installed vertically.
8. The load of LED switching power supply should be strictly controlled within 80%, can not be overloaded, so as to ensure the safety of the LED power supply .For example, if a string of lights requires a 200W power supply, then you should choose a model with an output power greater than 250W.
9. High power light bar power supply must have a circuit. No more than 15 light bars should be powered by both ends to form a circuit, and each group of positive and negative terminals to be directly connected to the positive and negative terminals of the power supply.
10. Choose a connection cable diameter greater than 2.5 square millimeters. LED power supply connection cable should be used to meet the national standard requirements of the cable, many manufacturers are selling copper-clad aluminum wire for profit, which will have great potential problems in use, the over-current capability does not work, resulting in cable current overheating or even fire.
11. Can not be more than one power supply to the same group of light sources. Different switching power supply frequency is different, if more than one power supply to a group of light sources at the same time, will lead to light flicker, especially if a power supply failure, will lead to other power supplies damaged soon.

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