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What are the Common Sense for Maintenance of LED Power Supply?
2023-02-15 14:18:02
To repair the LED constant current driver power supply, first of all, we must have the electronic repair foundation, tools and instruments, as well as a stock of wearable parts.
The incandescent lamp in series in the LED constant current driver power supply input can indicate the current size, such as LED constant current driver power supply has a short circuit incandescent lamp will be brighter to protect the rest of the parts.
With high-power linear potentiometer series ammeter to do a dummy load can quickly overhaul the LED constant current driver power supply.
How to repair the led lights dimmed
LED lights dimmed for the following possible reasons.
The driver is damaged. LED lamp beads require low voltage DC (20V below) work, but our usual utility is AC high voltage (AC 220V). The utility power into the light beads need electricity, you need a device called LED constant current driver power supply. LED burned. LED is a combination of one by one beads, if one or part of it does not light up, it will inevitably make the whole lamp dark. The beads are generally connected in series and then in parallel - so a certain bead burned out, it may lead to a group of beads are not bright.
The performance of led constant current driver is bad
LED light-emitting diodes on the light panel if burned, the light-emitting tube will look slightly black. Replace the original power supply with a normal power supply, if it does not light up, it means that the lamp panel is faulty; replace the original lamp panel with a normal lamp panel, if it does not light up, it means that the power supply is faulty.
From the appearance, if the LED beads are bad, there will be small black dots on it. Generally speaking, if the beads are bad, the whole light panel should be removed and replaced with a new one.
However, strictly speaking, the lamp bead is bad but does not mean that the driver must be good, except that the chance of damage to a single lamp bead is higher, if want to accurately determine, the only way to use the meter test. LED constant-current drivers often extend the expected life of LEDs and improve light continuity, especially when dimming is required.LEDs are a non-linear material, so it is difficult to maintain consistency. Small increases in voltage can cause an exponential increase in current, which can sometimes damage the LED if not properly regulated. In addition, the constant current circuit is also less prone to thermal escape collapse, which improves the reliability of LEDs working for a long time.
How to repair led ring light board constant current drive power supply?
Repair led driver has to understand the internal principles of the driver, but also to see what is bad in what place. Therefore, if you want to repair the driver, it is recommended to find out the ic specifications (through the ic on the silk screen to find), but in general, the driver is not going to repair.
Because it takes long time, you can measure whether there is a problem with the mos and Schottky, if these 2 components are bad, it is recommended to replace.
driver power supply
What are the common failures of led drive power supply?
Common power failures are the following five situations: First, the battery light flashes; this is likely because the battery voltage is too low or not connected to the battery, so need to check the UPS battery part, connect the battery, if the battery is damaged, replace the battery. Second, the electric supply is normal, UPS power supply is not energized; this situation is the UPS input circuit breaker is open, just manually make the circuit breaker reset. Third, the battery discharge time is short; that is the battery charge is not enough, please charge immediately, keep the UPS power supply continuously connected to the mains for more than 3 hours. Fourth, after the power-on key is pressed, the UPS power supply can not start; this is you press the power-on key time is too short, please press the power-on key for more than one second to start the UPS.Fifth, UPS power supply overload; please check the load and remove non-critical equipment. LED drive power supply is a power converter that converts the power supply into a specific voltage and current to drive the LED light. In general: the input of LED driver power supply includes high-voltage industrial frequency AC, low-voltage DC, high-voltage DC, low-voltage high-frequency AC (such as the output of electronic transformers), etc.The output of LED driver power supply is mostly a constant current source that can change voltage with the change of LED forward voltage drop value.
To sum up the important thing to buy a drive power supply: whether with IC control chip, because the IC control chip has to prevent short circuit, over-voltage, overload, over temperature and other protection functions. As long as the drive power supply has these two points, the quality is already very good.