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What is an LED Power Supply
2023-03-23 11:29:29

1.Enough power 60W-500W

The power of this series LED power supply 60W-500W, both small power products or high-power products are completely full power. 400W and 500W is also a small size, 100% full power, no voltage drop

2.Input and output voltage--LED power supply

This series of products currently only narrow voltage 90-130V or 175-264V, for the time being has not done the global wide voltage 90-277V. The output voltage is 12V, 24V, 48V respectively; we can customize 5V, 36V or other output voltage parameters according to customer's requirements.

3.Slow start function

This LED power supply has a slow start function, the lights come on slowly, making it more ritualistic to turn on the lights. The biggest advantage of slow start is that it can also protect your eyes from being stung by the sudden brightening of the glare.

What is an LED power supply

4.No fan design

High power 400W and 500W are fanless design, and the size are very small, no noise in the work, to solve the problem of high-power power supply fan noise. In addition, the use of fan cooling will not cause dust accumulation and overheating damage to the power supply.

5.Three gear brightness

The entire series of all models have manual dial code dimming function, the first gear is 75%, the second gear is 50%, the third gear is 25%. Solve the engineering customer requirements for brightness switching adjustment.

What is an LED power supplyWhat is an LED power supplyWhat is an LED power supply

6.Press type connector

All models in this series have press type connector for input and output, making installation easy and convenient without tools. Multiple group of inputs are designed at the input side, which can be wired in parallel to reduce the time and material cost of wiring other lines in the actual installation. The output terminal also supports multiple groups of wiring, which can connect multiple groups of light strips.

What is an LED power supply

7.Semi filled Glue

This series of products 100W-500W is semi filled glue products, dustproof level can reach IP50, the role of semi fill glue is to better assist in heat dissipation, but also dustproof, insect-proof, moisture-proof. Semi filled glue for LED power supply can avoid dust accumulation, moisture, and the working time of components can be extended.

8.Application scenarios

LED power supply usually be used for LED strip light, LED modules, LED point light sources, LED lighting, water pumps, equipment, 3D printers and vending machines, etc.


Question 1: What is the difference between this toggle code dimming LED power supply and dimmable LED power supply?

Answer: LED dimming power supply need to be used with a dimmer, such as triac dimming, 0-10V/1-10V dimming, PWM dimming, etc. However, this toggle code dimming power supply does not use with a dimmer, the engineer add a control resistor in led power supply, the principle is by adjusting the resistor to adjust the brightness.


Question 2: Many people think that when the power supply is installed in the corner or on the ceiling, it is inconvenient to adjust the brightness.

Answer: This dimming power supply is mostly used in the brightness requirements of the environment. Usually ordinary power supply in the use of brightness are 100%, but like KTV, bars and such places need to use a little darker light, then you can choose this dimming power supply with the use of the toggle code, the customer to adjust the brightness they need and then install.


Question 3: Why is the slow start effect not obvious after turning off the lights and turning them back on?

Answer: Frequent switching lights within a short period of time will have an impact on the slow start effect is not obvious, the principle: the electronic components inside the IC capacitors to be thoroughly discharged, after testing in 3-5 seconds after turning off the lights, the power supply can discharges itself to complete, and then turn on the lights slow start effect is obvious.


Question 4: How to connect the wires in parallel?

Answer: As the shown in the picture, you can connect the inputs of the led power supply in parallel. 

What is an LED power supply