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Do Led Strip Lights Need a Driver?
2023-04-19 10:06:33
Many families will choose LED strip lights as ambient lights to decorate the home, and many friends know led strip lights for the first time, they do not know that LED strip lights need to be used with an LED power supply. They were told to buy the same voltage led power supply with the led strip to make the led strip work properly. They will have a question: led strip light need a led power supply?
Yes, The voltage of LED strip lights are usually 12V or 24V, and the voltage of our usual household electricity is usually 110V or 220V. So LED strip light need to be used with an led power supply. LED strip lights usually require a low DC voltage LED power supply, usually a suitable power adapter or converter can provide the low DC voltage. Choosing an suitable led power supply depends on the length and the power requirements of the LED strip, so these factors need to be considered when selecting the appropriate LED power supply. Generally, the voltage range and power requirements of LED strips will write in the product description, and you can use this information to select the appropriate led power supply.
Do led strip lights need a driver
The power supply of the LED strip also needs to meet some requirements, such as stable current and voltage output, as well as overload protection, overheating protection, short circuit protection and other functions, to ensure safe and reliable use. In addition, the installation of LED strip lights also needs to pay attention to safety, such as avoiding moisture in the power supply and strip lights, avoiding over-stretching and damaging the wires. When installing and using LED strips, product instructions and safety warnings should be read carefully to ensure proper use and avoid safety risks.
In addition, the power supply for LED strip lights can also be divided into two types, which are built-in led power supply and external led power supply. Built-in power LED strip is usually easier to install, because no external power supply is required, but its power is small, not suitable for long time use or high power needs. The external power supply LED strip needs an external power supply, but its power can be greater, suitable for long time use or high power needs of the occasion. External LED power supply is also divided into various types, there are waterproof LED power supply, non-waterproof LED power supply and dimming LED power supply. Waterproof LED power supply is filled with glue inside the metal shell to play a sealed waterproof role, waterproof LED power supply can be moisture-proof, insect-proof, dust-proof, applied in dry, wet, rainy, outdoor environment. Not waterproof LED power supply is not waterproof role, components exposed in the air, the general minimum dustproof level is IP20, can block > 12.5mm objects, can be applied in a dry indoor environment. Dimming LED power supply is able to adjust the brightness of the strip, suitable for the brightness of the demand for the environment, such as rooms, living rooms, KTV, bars. Which type of LED power supply you choose depends on your actual needs and usage scenarios. In short, when using LED strip lights, you need to pay attention to the matching and safe use of LED power supply to ensure its long-term stable operation and safe and reliable.