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Yanshuoda was presented in the Middle East (Dubai) Lighting Exhibition
2024-01-23 14:17:11

 On January 16-18, 2024 Middle East (Dubai) International City, Architecture and Commercial Lighting Exhibition was held in Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center, YSD with the company's main product matrix brilliantly appeared in Dubai Lighting Exhibition, widely harvested professional guests, customers, and further expand the international market pattern!

This Middle East (Dubai) exhibition is the first overseas exhibition and sales stop of Advantech in 2024, and it is also the new start of Advantech's brand internationalization and global layout strategy in 2024! The exhibition displayed the company's C, E, D, DS, DF, F, FD, GD, G, H series of best-selling LED power supply products, the application field covers the indoor smart home, outdoor general lighting and other fields, to fully meet the lighting needs of the Middle East market.

During the exhibition, YSD's export sales team communicated face-to-face with professional manufacturers, buyers, exhibitors, and customers from around the world. They listened to customers' needs and professionally answered their queries, opening up wider opportunities for YSD Company's international LED power supply business.



The successful conclusion of the Dubai Lighting Exhibition has further solidified research on international brand layout strategy and laid a strong foundation for promoting brand globalisation. In the face of fierce competition in the market, our R&D team remains committed to our original goal of innovative technology and improved quality. We are dedicated to researching the most cutting-edge lighting technology to create the foundation of the world's leading LED lighting solutions.