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Yanshuoda league construction activity
2024-06-04 08:52:05

Yanshuoda is a company focuses on LED driver production for more than 10 years.The favourable team atmosphere is the key to success. Recently, YSD company organized a trip to GuangXi for the sales department as they have finished the Sales target last year. 

As a big company which contains more than 800 people,YSD deeply knows the concept of people-oriented,so every year YSD company will have a league construction activity to enhance team cohesion.

Our team numbers were very delighted with a smile in the train and looking forward to this trip. 

After 3 hours commuting, we arrived at our first place which named butterfly mountain, and it is famous for its many butterfly-shaped stalactites.

The second day, we have a cruise. Guilin is a very beautiful city with many spectacular mountains and tranquil lakes, and we are so satisfied about the fresh air and humanistic atmosphere here.

We have reason to believe that we will have more team cohesion after this trip and the connection between each other is more stable. Looking forward to our next league construction activity