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What factor can effect the lifetime of LED power supply?
2024-07-05 11:05:42

How long is the LED driver lifetime?

LED drivers belongs to switching power supply. The quality and reliability of LED driver depends on its circuit design, production craft and the quality of components. Electrolytic capacitance is one of the most important parts of switching driver. However, the lifetime of LED driver depends on the lifetime of electrolytic capacitance, and environment temperature and capacitance lifetime will also effect electrolytic lifetime. The working time of electrolytic capacitance varies at different environment temperature.

The lifetime of the capacitance is about 80000 hours when its temperature is 65°C, 40000 hours at its temperature of 75°C, 20000 hours at its temperature of 85°C, so we can calculate that capacitance lifetime will be halved when its temperature go up 10°C.


What factors can effect the life of the LED power supply?

Many factors will effect LED driver lifetime performance, mainly including: environmental characteristics, component characteristics and electrical characteristics. It is reflected in the following aspects:

1. High humidity environment, high temperature environment, dusty environment, strong magnetic environment, and vibration environment, will affect the using life of LED power supply.

2. Unstable gird voltage input will cause the damage of LED components thus affecting the lifetime of LED driver.

3. The LED driver is provided with a capacitor input rectifier circuit, which will causes inrush current when the power is plugged in, therefore, this surge current will have an impact on the components inside the driver.

4. Correct installation and isolation will prolong the lifetime of LED driver.