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Is the LED driver universal?
2024-07-08 10:50:42

LED driver is not universal. The lamp beads adopted by LED light are different, and the wattage of LED light also varies depending on the number of lamp beads. Even if the same lamp beads, its connection is also a variety of ways, and the rated voltage and rated current of the lamp are bound to be inconsistent, so it is impossible to use the same driver for all lights.

How to match LED power supply?

The driver of each LED lights is well matched. If the driver fails, LED light are definitely not work properly, therefore, we can buy a new one in hardware market to replace the wrong one. The choice of choosing LED driver is mainly considered from output voltage, output current and corresponding wattage.

LED driver generally has two types of output ways, one is constant voltage, and the other is constant current. First from the constant output current driver, we mainly consider its output voltage, so their output voltage might be different for the same output current.  When you need to buy constant current driver, you need to check whether the parameter marked on the driver is matched with real working environment.

Similarly, for the constant voltage drivers, their output voltage are different with the same output current, so when we need to buy an LED driver, we need to consider wide range of aspects about the working environment and needed parameters of driver. In addition, we also need to consider the power range of the driver, if we choose the wrong power range, it will burn out the LED light bead, or cause the LED lamp stroboscopic phenomenon