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How many types do LED drivers have?
2024-07-09 15:05:53

The main category of LED driver.

Constant current:The features of constant current-circuit are constant output current, output voltage changes with the load resistance. Constant current power driver is a more ideal solution and not afraid of short circuit.

Constant voltage:The features of constant voltage-circuit are constant output voltage, output current changes with the load resistance and the output voltage will not be too high. Shortcoming: Prohibit the load completely short circuit, voltage fluctuations will effect the brightness of LED.

Capacitance step-down: LED power supply using capacitance step-down mode is easily affected by electric grid voltage fluctuations, the surge current is too high and power efficiency is low, but the structure is simple.

Transformer step-down: This way of conversion is inefficient, the reliability is not high, and the Transformer is bulky.

Resistance step-down: This way is similar to capacitance step-down, but the resistance will consumes more electric energy, so the efficiency is relatively low.

RCC step-down: This way is used a little bit more, not only because it has wide range of stable voltage, but also its efficiency can go up to more than 70%, however, it has large load ripple.

PWN controlled: The use of PWM this way has to mention, because for now, The driver designed by PWN controlled mode is more ideal, and the output voltage and current of this type of driver are stable. Its driver efficiency can go up to 80%, even more than 90%. It is worth noting that this kind of power supply can be attached with multiple protection circuits.

Isolated: Isolated is for safety, the input and output isolated by transformer. Common topology types include forward type, flyback type, half-bridge type, full bridge type and push-pull type.

Non-isolated: Non-isolated drivers are generally powered by batteries and regulated power supply, which are mainly used in portable electronic products, miner lamp, automobile,etc.