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How To Choose The Right LED Lighting
2019-01-11 23:30:38
How To Choose The Right LED Lighting Controllers Or Led Dimmer
Nowadays LED lighting is becoming more and more popular due to its high energy efficiency, high luminous flux and low heat generation. For different lighting applications, different lighting moods are required, to create the right mood, we need controllers or dimmer that can adjust the brightness, color temperature, RGB color tone and dynamic changing patterns for LED lamps which feature single color, dual white, RGB and RGBW styles. Choosing the right LED lights and LED controllers or dimmer that are suitable for the environment is very important.
For general illumination, single color light is definitely a great choice, and you will need an Led Dimmer which can control the brightness. Choosing a correct dimmer depends on the LED lamp.
 Firstly you have to figure out whether it's with AC input or DC input, if it comes with AC input, you have to choose an AC dimmer, for instance Triac Dimmer. If it comes with DC input, please make sure it is with constant current output or with constant voltage output. If it is designed with CC output such as downlights, you have to choose a DC dimmer with CC output that can be compatible with the LED downlights, plus you need a power supply for the DC dimmer. If it is designed with CV output such as LED strip lights, a DC dimmer with CV output is required to drive the strip lights, also a power supply for the DC dimmer is necessary.
For entertainment lighting, RGB lights with dynamic changing patterns are required to create the right mood. The tips for choosing right LED Touch Controller still depends on the input type of the lights you choose. If it is an AC input lamp, an AC dimmer is necessary. While you choose a DC one, you have to choose a DC controller to drive it. For example, DC RGB strip with constant voltage input, you would need a DC controller with CV output to match the strip. An RGB downlight or spotlight with constant current input will need a DC RGB controller with CC output.
The control types can be variable from RF, DALI, DMX 512 Lighting Controller to KNX and Z-wave, which send control signals to the controller thus to control the LED lights.