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How many lights dedicated LED power supply
2018-11-16 06:10:04
How many lights can a dedicated LED power supply bring?
Knowing the exact power of the LED lamp is the best. Your power supply is 24*4.2=100.8W. Divide 100.8W from the power of the lamp bar per meter. If you don't know, please see the following:
One, the same circuit LED lights, but the power and LED quality is different, why?
1. When the LED lamp band first appeared, because of the large price space, the manufacturers of the LED lamp band all adopted the LED chip with high current consistency and high brightness. The current of this kind of chip is generally 0.02A.
Later, because of the fierce competition in the price market of the lamp belt, many lamp belt manufacturers changed to low brightness and current inconsistent LED chips. The current of this kind of LED chips is generally 0.011A.
2, let's take the most commonly used 5050 bulbs as an example to calculate the power of a bead.
If the current of a single chip is 0.02A, the current of a lamp bead is 0.02A*3=0.06A.
If the current of a single chip is 0.011A, the current of a lamp bead is 0.011A*3=0.033A.
3. Now let's calculate the power of three particles for one set.
High quality chips: 12V * 0.06A = 0.72W, 1 meter lamp with 60 beads constitute 20 groups, 1 meter power is 0.72W * 20 = 14.4W
Poor quality chips: 12V * 0.033A = 0.396W, lamp with 60 beads in 1 meter makes up 20 groups, and 1 meter power is 0.396W * 20 = 7.92W.
Two. Why are the lamps on the market easier to burn at present?
1, some manufacturers themselves are Shanzhai factories, without engineering and technical personnel. Just buy the lamp from other manufacturers and bring it back for copy. What is the current limiting resistance on the lamp from other manufacturers and how much is the current limiting resistance used? I don't know that the current of each batch of LED chips is different. Each batch should change the current limiting resistance according to the current of the actual LED chips. The current limiting current is not enough, which leads to the burn out of some lights.
2. Customers who use the lamp band do not know the actual power of each lamp band and distribute the power in disorder. The lamp band is often in a constant light state and the power supply is insufficient, which eventually leads to the burnout of the lamp band.
3. Another reason: some power suppliers deceive consumers: because the heat dissipation effect of copper-clad aluminium transformer is worse than that of copper transformer, the power may reach for a time when the power is connected, but if the power is turned on for a long time, the power will decrease, and if the power of the light belt cannot be loaded, the light belt will be burned or the power supply will be burned.
Three, the virtual standard power source drilling LED lights with different powers of the gap:
When customers buy and use lamp belts, according to previous habits, when 14.4W/m: if they want to wear lamp belts 30m, the power will be 30m * 14.4W = 432W, customers will choose 450W power supply, but because many of the market is 7.92W/m lamp belts, 30m is 30 * 7.92 = 237.6W, manufacturers of virtual label power supply will seize this point, and 24.92W. The 0W power is virtual to 450W. In this way, the actual user is buying with 450W's power supply.
Buying is actually the power of 240W.
Examples: 450W virtual standard power supply is 80-85 yuan per unit, RC full power supply 240W is 73 yuan per unit. In fact, RC power supply has high reliability, higher load and more affordable price.
Four, warm tips:
1. Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of power supply can not only compare the number of W marked by the power supply, but also depend on the actual load of the power supply, the selection of electronic materials and whether the transformer is an aluminium transformer.
2. It is suggested that customers have a certain understanding of the knowledge of the lamp belt. They can configure their own testing tools to test the actual power of each batch of lamp belt and select more economical and realistic power supply.