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How to use and select LED switching power
2018-11-08 02:01:18
How to use and select LED switching power supply
Connections on terminals are no doubt correct in terms of input and output, AC and DC, single-phase and multi-phase, positive and negative poles, voltage and current values.
For high-power LED switching power supply, there are generally three or more'+'input terminals and'-' output terminals. In fact, they belong to the same output electrode. In order to make the connection convenient for users, they connect multiple terminals inside and together.
In order to achieve the effect of full heat dissipation, it is generally necessary to install in a position where the air convection conditions are good or to install on the case shell to transmit heat through the case.
LED switching power supply with resistive load before leaving factory. If it is used for capacitive or inductive load, it should be explained in advance when ordering.
For dual output symmetrical load, 12V switch power first selects symmetrical output power supply.
For users who have not grounded power FG, it is normal to feel the shell or output hemp inductance. When floating on the ground, FG has about 110 V AC output to the earth, which is determined by the internal structure of power supply.
AC input power definition input power = output power / (input voltage * power factor * efficiency)
Leakage current: When multiple power sources are in use, they will ingest the same grounding point together. The total leakage current is composed of the leakage current of each unit. At that time, the reliability of grounding wire and grounding resistance should be checked to avoid electric shock.