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Driver Dimmable For Dimming LED Lights
2018-12-10 18:04:22
Shenzhen Yanshuda Technology Co., Ltd Announces LED Driver Dimmable For Dimming LED Lights Without Flickering 
Summary: The LED driver dimming introduced by Shenzhen Yanshuda Technology Co., Ltd can shorten the amount of current going through it to create a dimming effect without flickering and with very little color changing in the LEDs. 
Baoan District, Shenzhen, China, December 7, 2018 – Not all LED lights are dimmable. The dimming effect could save energy and can also ensure efficiency of lighting in any space. Shenzhen Yanshuda Technology Co., Ltd introduces LED dimmable drivers that create a dimming effect by shortening the amount of light going through it. The driver is designed to create a uniform dimming and all LED light bulbs dim in the same manner. 
The company spokesperson reveals that their LED driver dimmable is designed to function properly with the low wattage LED lights. These drivers have been developed to meet the changing needs of the LED lighting sector. The drivers provide a constant amount of electricity to the LED circuits and try to restrict its electrical properties from changing with the temperature. Moreover, the LED drivers come with the overheating and overload protection features and can also remain safe in case of a short circuit. The dimmers produced by the company have a direct effect on the light emitted from the LED bulbs, and thus it can change the lighting effect according to the application requirements. 
The spokesperson states that their LED driver dimming can maintain the optimum level of brightness of the light when needed. At the same time, the driver doesn’t shorten the life of the LED light or the LED circuit in which it is used. According to the spokesperson, the effect of dimming helps in saving power to some extent, and this is the reason why their dimmers are in great demand all across the world. These LED dimmable drivers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be used with LED bulbs, LED tubes, and other types of LED lights. The dimmers can also extend the lifespan of the LED bulbs. Shenzhen Yanshuda Technology Co., Ltd designs and manufactures different types of LED drivers in their factory. They can design ultra-thin dimmers that are ideal to be used in compact LED lights. 
Besides LED drivers for dimming, the company also supplies the LED constant voltage driver, which could be ideal for LED lighting with brightness. These drivers operate at a lower power input and can save energy as well. With IP67 protection, these drivers remain safe in case of overload or short circuit. Due to air convection cooling, the driver does not experience any adverse effect when overheated. At the same time, the driver can function in a large temperature range; no matter it is installed in an indoor or an outdoor environment. With a long-lasting performance and an extra durability, this LED driver is the best in the industry and is also available at a competitive price. 
One can check the details of the LED dimmers or LED drivers of the company by visiting the website https://www.ysdwps.com. 
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Shenzhen Yanshuda Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which started production, research and development and sales of LED power supply in 2010. The company’s main products include LED dimming power supply, LED waterproof power supply, 0-10V dimming power supply, DALI dimming power supply, etc. The company has 11 independent intellectual property rights, patents to its credit, and also has the CE, ROSH, BIS, UL, SAA and CB certifications.
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